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Wife force marches na_ked cheater on Cape Flats street

When you find out the man you have been cheating with is married to a coloured woman, be very scared.

Never cross a scorned coloured woman!

Coloured women especially the ones from Western Cape are famed for jealously guarding whats theirs. Scorn them at your own peril.

Recently a woman learnt the hard way the consequences of crossing a scorned coloured woman’s path.


When the Cape Flats woman came home finding her husband in bed with another woman all hell broke loose and all the action was caught on video.

The video went viral within hours of being posted on social media.

The video begins with the confrontation where the wife attacks her husband’s lover after finding them together. It soon erupts into a full blown assault on the cheater who has the disadvantage of being smaller than the woman.

The scorned woman then wields a razor blade, cutting off some of her victim’s hair and stripping her of her clothes.

All this time the husband, pleads for her to calm down, but doesn’t intervene. Knowing his wife, I assume he knew how deadly the scene would turn.

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The worst was yet to come for the girl caught by this monster of a woman. She was dragged outside by her hair and subsequently paraded around the neighborhood naked and ashamed.

Walk of shame

Cheater walk of shame

Was she in the right to do what she did?

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