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Watch what happened when a big snake tried to squeeze dog for food

A fierce battle for food and on the other party for life have produced a rare spectacle for us. This when a big snake was captured on video while trying to devour a dog.

One would never imagine witnessing the action live which this video man encountered. I imagine if the video man was to be asked before capturing this one he would honestly not give himself a chance.

Here we are feeding our eyes almost the same way as he did.


It’s a fight for food and ultimately life for the snake. On the same token, the dog is fighting to live.

Loosing the battle, life, at this stage for the dog means food in surplus for the gigantic snake.

It’s the nature of living things, something has got to loose it’s life to sustain another’s own life. My vegetarian friends might have a different view here.

When we see it, we take sides in most cases and sympathise with the other. We forget that even us as humans we only survive because we systematically ‘rob’ other things of life to sustain ours.

The dog has undoubtedly won favour from us, we even call it our best friend. That ‘automatically’ makes it the victim in this case but for once if we consider how hard it is to go for a long period without food we will somewhat understand the snake.

Dog lovers, veterinarians and nature lovers please excuse me if I have just sparked a debate. Don’t lose focus I am just sharing a rare video of a monster snake versus a dog video below.

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