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WATCH: Uncovering the viral South African ‘half-dog, half-human’ creature

The viral video of a creature resembling half dog, half human characteristics sparked many debates and assumptions since there wasn’t much info that came with it.

We today uncover for you what exactly this creature is, prepare to be baffled.


While it is genetically considered impossible to have a half-dog, half-human creature it is however worth pondering about especially if you live in Africa where witchcraft has so often defied science. In other parts of the world genetic modification and feral child issues will motivate you to want to understand more.

The video evidence purportedly showing the strange creature running around with it’s canine friends, would seriously turn anyone’s curiosity sense.

The mysterious creature drew comments from around the world, with various suggestions of the possible explanations. One’s location and tradition could easily be tied up to their explanation.

My African mates’ suggested witchcraft, bestiality or whoonga overdose. The prevalence of these things in an African community is high hence the mention.

Feral child or genetic manipulation competed with the other suggestions form around the world. Funny enough all the above factors seemed to cover every possibility but that’s not where the answer lies.

Are you surprised?


It’s just pure love for canines expressed in the best possible way.

Meet Phillip Oliphant, the ‘half-dog,half-human’ creature from Uppington, Northern Cape. His love for dogs made him want to emulate them. He says it’s the best way to show he loves them.

half-dog, half-human Phillip Oliphant

Phillip Oliphant, the ‘half-dog, half-human’ boy

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