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WATCH: Trevor Noah wants to adopt African name, Trumps leaks it

Trevor NoahScreen grab from the short film Covfefe

Cape Town – Trevor Noah, The Daily Show anchor has hinted at adopting an African name to ‘preserve his roots,’ as he calls it.

According to the world famous South African he has had a very busy life since relocating to the states and he fears he will loose his humble background and the memories thereof.

The one easy way he has since identified to help him in his quest is to adopt an African name.


Being the natural comedian he is he said: “After I assume my African name, every publication who writes, prints or use my name while omitting the African name will be in trouble with me.”

“For your own information, my favourite uncle and neighbour, president Robert Mugabe, will definitely help me preserve my roots if you think you can win against me,” he said to a rapturous applaud from his audience.

President Donald trump has been blamed for leaking the name through twitter after Trevor approached him to help publicise it. Trevor says he had intended to have the short film out and with the US president featuring, marketing would have been light work.

In a short video which was posted on the Comedy Central’s show’s social media, Trevor plays a character named Covfefe, the name he intends to adopt. The title character’s journey is funny and eventually ends with him meeting President Trump.

See the video here:

WATCH How the name really came about:

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