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WATCH: Rich Zimbabwean woman’s monster snake captured

A filthy rich young Zimbabwean woman with a money making gold ring and a money spitting monster snake have been for weeks stuck on our northern neighbours’ lips. She wanted the snake to be killed.

The 23-year-old woman called on a popular radio show asking for help to get rid of the ring and the snake. She admitted that the two had given her a lot of money but were now giving her sleepless nights.

The snake, she says, was not listening to her anymore. It would climb on her bed and do all sorts of things on her. It cooked and even drive any of the cars so often.


She apparently had trucks doing cross boarder, a fleet of taxis and countless luxury cars parked at her vast plot in Chinhoyi, about 100km from the capital city , Harare.

Tilder Moyo, a veteran DJ hosts the show on which the young woman requested help from anyone in the country. Soon enough a team of prophets volunteered to exorcise the woman and get rid of the ring and the snake.

Moyo has refused to reveal the woman’s identity.

When the prophets went to the woman’s place they were perplexed to see an about 15m long snake that constantly changed colours and laid across three queen size beds.

According to the prophets there was a room with large black trunks, all containing money. Asked why she was not using it she said her maid broke a small plate which was needed to cleanse the money for normal use hence she could not use it.

The Malawian sangoma who gave it to her could no longer be located.

Three prophets prayed for her for more than 24 hours as they fought with the monster snake until they won. They subdued and killed the monster snake and had to use forklifts to load it onto a truck.

Now a video of the monstrous snake has been released and it’s hard to believe.

Watch below:

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