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WATCH: Durban family finds 3 huge black mambas in their yard, suspect witchcraft

A Durban family is in shock after finding three black mambas in three consecutive days within their yard.

The bizzarre findings happened at Mhlongo family in Waterloo near Durban. The family hired a snake catcher who was also buffled by the strange findings happening on one yard.

Snake catcher, Jason Arnold, said it was a first in his 20 year carrier to find such large snakes on the same property in three consecutive days. All three have measured more than 2,1metres in length.


Bad luck

The family is getting worried now as they suspect it could be works of witchcraft.

To find two black mambas in your yard is considered taboo in many African cultures and for the Mhlongos it has actually been three. They fear bad luck could befall them.

The owner of the property, Mpilo Mhlongo (61) said if they find another one they will definitely consult with the sangomas. He believes also that it could be that his ancestors are communicating something.

“I need to know what is going on before these huge snakes start hurting my family” said the worried Mhlongo.

Meanwhile Arnold dismissed the family concerns saying that it’s the mambas’ mating season and there is a good chance that a female mamba is still loitering in the area. This after discovering that all the three he captured where males.

According to Arnold, during the mating season the female mamba makes a scent from which the males track it.

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