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Watch: ‘Crippled’ SA man gets Hollywood acting role after posting viral video

A viral video by a South African man has lifted him from ‘begging’ at Cape Town road intersections to Hollywood starwood.

He is arguably the best cheat you would find on South African road intersections despite the fact that many are presumed to have not yet revealed their fake disability trickery.

Who in their sober senses would expose their secret to their livelihood.


Moses Plaatje did just that, and judging from the small pool of contenders whom you would seldom come across he easily can be crowned king.

And what better way to prove it than to land an acting role in a Hollywood produced film.

While some accused the man of foolishly exposing himself, the man has actually struck gold in the process.

Plaatje got himself a job with Warner Bros for a lead role in an action packed movie called SECRET FILES OF THE CRIPPLED SPY.

It’s a proudly South African moment brought about in the most bizarre of ways. A video of Plaatje demonstrating how he easily transforms from an able bodied man to a seriously incapacitated man that anyone would certainly feel obliged to lend a hand.

The viral video

In the video shared thousands of times on social media and you tube, Plaatje walks casually some few metres from the camera and again walks back towards the camera before he, like his joins are made of rubber, bends in his knees and ‘struggles’ to walk like a crippled man.

When asked if he is not ashamed for cheating his way to fame the man had a shocker of a response.

“Are you already comparing me to Kim Kardashian?”

Kim became famous after her sextape with Ray Jay leaked and she has wrecked in the profits from then.

Acting role

The $400 million dollar budget SECRET FILES OF THE CRIPPLED SPY will be partially short in Cape Town.

Plaatje who plays Clark in the film is a crippled by day and hijacker by night, who infiltrates the Cape Underworld by joining a gang in a bid to get closer to the gang bosses responsible for drug and robbery related crimes rocking the city.

The movie will hit the big screens around September.

Source: TellitallSA

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