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REVEALED: 6 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off In Bed


The bedroom is not a place for experiment especially if you are with someone you can’t afford to loose. Hence it is best you know what’s proven to work or not when it comes to pleasing your other half. In this case we are sharing proven facts of what mistakes men make in bed that will definitely put their woman off.

These are the 10 top things guys do that their women get turned off.

1. Slurpy kissing


That’s when you want to swallow her tongue, lips and teeth all at the same time. You would better take yourself as a learner and go slow rather than think you are the greatest kisser and mess your woman’s mood instantly.

If you kiss your woman using excess saliva and predominant use of tongue outside of mouth, you are likely to make her want to puke. No woman wants saliva drooling into her mouth and has to hurry to the toilet to rinse her mouth.

2. Bad hygiene

Dirty, smelly feet, dirty finger nails, bushy armpit and pubic region are the ultimate put off for a woman. When you can’t stand dirty and smelly people on the street how can you expect her to stand a smelly you in bed?

3. Going too fast

It takes longer to arouse a woman and the shortcut of spitting on your hand and trying to lubricate her is not cool at all and should never be considered as a replacement for foreplay.

Rushing foreplay, or even worse, skipping it entirely is the cardinal sin of sex. If you are about to have sex with a woman and she isn’t turned on, start afresh brother until you get her in the right mood.

Trying to force your way in is both painful and rude.

4. Not listening

When a woman tells you she likes what you’re doing and not to stop, listen to her and as a man keep pushing DON’T STOP, I repeat DON’T STOP.

Most men are guilty of not listening and that’s a great turn off. Unless you have a genuine hearing problem, there is no excuse for this.

‘Ouch!’ means it hurts. Don’t think she is enjoying so much and wants you to keep hammering at her. You need to stop whatever it is that you’re doing immediately, or do it more gently or slower. Don’t repeat whatever is making her ouch unless if you want to punish her.

5. Not letting the woman come first

Most women would not forgive you for coming first. Hold it back and keep pumping, try as hard as you can to wait for her to come first. She does not care what you have to do to make this happen but you just have to figure it out.

Never tell her to come or tell her that you are waiting for her to come because that will put her under unnecessary pressure which will soon backfire.

6. Being selfish

Some men think they are doing the woman a favour by just having sex with her but hey, you are committing another cardinal sin. Laying back with your hands behind your head and expecting a woman to service you while you do nothing to her is hysterical. And by hysterical, I mean quite pathetic.

No woman gets turned on when you just lay there like a log of wood and expect her to go out of her way to give you pleasure.

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