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Mugabe predicts civil unrests after Zuma fires finance minister

The president of Zimbabwe, Mr Robert Mugabe has for the first time spoken about the volatile situation in South Africa following the unpopular axing of ‘people’s favourite’ ministers by president Zuma.

When asked by a Daily News reporter if he was not worried about the developing situation in South Africa after president Zuma made what is now widely regarded as an unpopular decision to fire the finance minister and his deputy, considering that many Zimbabweans have taken refuge in the country.

Mugabe said “As a sovereign state they are entitled to make decisions, popular or not as long as it will serve their nation right”


“It’s a worrying situation we find ourselves in though, that a liberation and ruling party president and his deputy publicly oppose each other”

“There are always disgruntled people and those hard to please type that will always find a reason to oppose you, it might cause civil unrest if not handled properly”

He said that in his country he has managed to thwart any such attempts only because they are masterminded by the west but it would be different if was your people disapproving your decisions or accusing you of abandoning them.

He said also that as leaders, speaking with one voice has been another factor that has held his party and country together.

South African social media jury is convinced president Zuma’s actions are a personal investment ploy that will benefit him and his cronies led by the Guptas at the expense of the poor of the poorest.

In a statement the presidence has attributed the move to it’s desire to improve efficiency and effectiness while blending young MPs and seasoned ones so they can learn from each other.

A motion of no confidence in President Zuma by the Democratic Alliance is gathering steam. Over 250 000 South Africans have signed a pertition to support the move.

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