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Mother causes father and son double suicide

Father and son double suicide

An Mpumalanga family is reeling at the loss of two family members who both tragically committed suicide.

Shocking suicide note revealed why they committed suicide

Adding to their grief is that the two Lucky Ndebele (51) and Bongani Ndebele (20) are father and son, and their death is being blamed on one woman- the father’s long lost wife and mother to the boy.


The son, Bongani Ndebele who was 24 years old died after he hanged himself with an electric cable from the roof of his shack two weeks ago.

At the time of his death it was not known what drove him to take his own life until on Thursday when his father died also by hanging himself. Neighbours found his lifeless body hanging from a tree a few metres from his house.

One neighbour who refused to be named said she read a suicide note that stuck out from the man’s pocket. She said she read only the first paragraph and was so shocked that she stuffed it back into the deceased’s pocket and went home weeping.

Translated from isiNdebele it read:

    “You bit_ch of a woman, you slept with my friend and ran away with him leaving me with my 9-month-old Bongani now he has killed himself because he slept with you not knowing you are his mother. I wish I didn’t catch you two having s3x, my Bongani would be living today. Now I am a disgrace to my family for your sins, I can’t face and tell them why my son killed himself…”

After the father’s death the neighbour said, only then she understood why he was so severely depressed, he had stopped going to work and was not eating following his son’s death.

Another woman, neighbours with Bongani, reported shouting and a heated arguement in Bongani’s shack the night before he committed suicide. She said she did not take it seriously because it happened many times before when he fought with his girlfriends.

A relative of the two deceased men confirmed Lucky had come with little Bongani years ago from Durban where he worked and that his mother was not known in the family.

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It is not known who the mother is and where she has disappeared to since the tragedies.

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