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Montford woman’s terror ride in hijacked taxi

A fully loaded taxi was hijacked and the passengers taken for a hell ride which ended in them being robbed of all their valuables.

A Montford woman, Annalee Rajah, has shared her terrifying experience at the hands of the hijackers.

She was left severely injured and traumatised with the incident that happened near Mobeni Heights Cemetery, Rising Sun Chartsworth reported.


The 46 year old Tsogo Sun employee said she was travelling home from work when three armed men boarded the taxi just before the Mobeni Heights Cemetery.

“Before we reached the Bayview off-ramp, one of the robbers woke up from his seat and assaulted the conductor. I was confused as to what was happening because he was speaking in Isizulu. I then realised that we were going to be robbed. One of the men started assaulting the women who were seated in the front of the taxi.”

She added that she started to remove her jewellery and handed it to the armed robbers as she feared that they will assault her too, however, she was still beaten up by the men.

“While one robber pulled the driver out of his seat and drove the taxi, the other held the gun and the third perpetrator assaulted and terrorised us and robbed us of our belongings. It was a long drive. He took my belongings but still hit me across my face. I felt so violated. People need to be aware not to wear jewellery when utilising public transport. They should leave their belongings at home and shouldn’t even carry a wallet,” she added.

According to Rajah, the suspects drove to an informal settlement, where they brought the taxi to a halt and checked under the seats and in passenger’s pockets for any other valuables before they got off and casually walked away.

The traumatised woman said she is now afraid to travel by taxi and urges residents to be wary of this modus operandi.

“Although I am afraid to travel to work by taxi, I have no alternative. During my journey to and from work, I still fear for my life. I am also afraid for the safety of my family and for all other taxi commuters as we could lose our lives due to crimes of this nature,” she concluded.

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