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Fleeing Durban thief gets impaled on a spiked palisade fence

Spiked palisade fence

“Karma didn’t waste time on this one,” are the first words of a source who is one of the people who was chasing the fleeing thief.

This after a suspected thief got seriously injured after he got impaled on a spiked fence when he attempted to run away from his victim and onlookers.

The suspect had allegedly snatched a cellphone from an unsuspecting woman as she was talking on the cellphone.


“I heard the woman scream for help and when I turned my head I saw the man running away and immediately started chasing after him,” said the source.

“The man hastily scaled up a tall tree in his bid to skip the palisade fence but luckily for us he fell and got stuck on the spiked injuring himself badly,” he added, with a smile on his face.

The source went on to say that he dropped the cellphone as he mourned and groaned from the excruciating pain from his thighs where he was impaled on.

“He is lucky though that he got his punishment from the fence otherwise if it was the crowd who chased him, it could have been worse,” he said.

He said that they had to restrain some people who wanted to inflict further harm on the man and called the paramedics and the police.

Netcare 911’s Nick Dollman said their paramedics responded to the scene at around 20H45 on Saturday evening 10 February 2018, to find the man was impaled on a spiked steel palisade fence on NMR Avenue near Jacko Jackson Drive in Stamford Hill, KwaZulu-Natal.

Together with Provincial Ambulance Service who were first to arrive at the scene their medics worked hard to free the man.

He had sustained severe injuries including femur fractures and was attended to by an Advanced Life Support paramedic and analgesic medication was administered to manage his pain.

The Fire Department were called to the scene and they used rescue tools to cut parts of the fence away from the victim. The man was transported by ambulance to hospital with parts of the fence still impaled in him.

KZN police spokesperson Thembeka Mbhele was not immediately available to comment.

spiked palisade fence

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