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Chaos in Jo’burg as illegal church congregants clash with police

There was chaos and pandemonium in Saunders Street, Yeoville, Joburg after Metro cops came to shut down an illegal church operating from a residential house.

THE church used loud speakers to capture new members!


However not everyone was happy with the holy noise.

So residents took up the matter and lodged a complaint with the police.

The residents’ gripe was that they could no longer sleep in because of the noise from the church.

Yesterday, the police arrived to silence it!

Officers from the Joburg Metro police department confiscated sound equipment from the illegal church based in Saunders Street, Yeoville, Joburg.

But congregants put up a fight trying to block the officers from executing their duty. They made a human chain to block the police from entering their holy place but after an unfruitful long conversation button sticks took over and the officers gained entry.

According to JMPD’s Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, this followed several complaints from residents about the excessive noise made at the church.

Minnaar said the pastor and his church had been warned before.

“He was warned to stop making a noise and to stop using a residential property as a church.

“But he defied the officers as well as ignored complaints from the surrounding community. He made a lot of noise on weekdays and over weekends.”

Minnaar added that the church was shut down because it was operating unlawfully.

Now the pastor has to pay R2 650 within three months if he wants to retrieve belongings that were impounded by Metro cops.

“If he does not do so, his belongings will become state property.”

Instruments that were impounded from the church include drums, loud speakers, an amplifier and chairs.

Minnaar added that this was a warning to other churches which operate without the permission of the city authorities.


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